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What is 
Heighten TouchPoint Cleaning 

Simply put, Heighten Touchpoint Cleaning is making sure that every place that someone frequently touches has been properly disinfected and cleaned to reduce germs, bacteria, Influenza A H1N1, human coronavirus, and other common ill-causing microbes. 


Clean Plus believes the use of EPA and CDC certified products has proven to be effective ensuring that public and private environments have a sanitary and hygienic environment consistent with lower communicable illness.  Clean Plus welcomes an opportunity to sit with your property management representative to discuss a comprehensive cleaning program for your office space, virtual space, commercial property or facility.


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Benefits of
Heighten TouchPoint Cleaning 

Targets Areas
Heighten TouchPoint Cleaning 

Services We Provide

Home Services

Learn about the "TouchPoint" areas we cover in your home. Customizable cleaning plans available.

Clean Plus Home Services
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