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What's the difference between a deep cleaning and extreme cleaning?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

If you think a deep cleaning may be all you need to get your living space cleaned properly enough to get things back to normal, you may have to be more honest and optimistic about your living space situation and what it actually needs.

Here are 4 simple questions to ask yourself.

1. Is my kitchen functional?

Generally, if you are unable to get to the kitchen countertops, cook comfortably on the stove, you see fire hazards all around you in addition to insects, bugs and rodents.


2. Does my bathroom(s) look unclean, infectious and unsafe?

There will be unpleasant smells. The walls, cabinets, toilet, tub, shower will be over 70% covered in dirt, feces and sometimes blood.


3. Do my appliances smell and look foul?

If the food in the refrigerator is rotten, moldy and sometimes rodent feces and animal hair will be clearly visible THIS IS NOT HEALTHY, and action is necessary.


4. Can I move comfortably around my living space?

Generally, if 70% of the flooring is covered with, debris, clothes, animal feces, urine, trash, appliances, uneaten food and a few other things you may not be able to identify.


Sometimes things just get out of hand.

It could be an elderly family member who just cannot keep up with household chores, a demanding job, or you're a property owner and you rented out your apartment or house - the tenant moved out and left the place a total mess.

Whatever the situation, take ease. Clean Plus takes on the toughest clean up jobs, offering:

Hoarded space clearing

Trash and furniture removal

Decluttering and organizing

Most importantly, we get the job done.

Clean Plus uses the products and tools necessary to remove any possible contaminants that harbor bacteria or filth. In addition, we use EPA and CDC certified products and those found to be effective against Influenza A H1N1, human coronavirus, and other common ill-causing microbes as well as removing any possible contaminants that arbor bacteria or filth.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions whether your entire living space needs attention or just certain areas, give Clean Plus a call. We want to help you, we want to get your living space clean, safe, and healthy. Call Today for a free consultation 443-993-9396.


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