No Motto. No Slogan. JUST CLEAN.

Let CLEAN PLUS do the work for you

Clean Plus has always aimed to provide the highest quality professional service in the cleaning industry servicing: Maryland, Delaware, and Surrounding areas.

What satisfied customers are saying

Clean Plus has been great to work with. Stacey is an experienced professional and hard working.  Clean Plus has helped in turnover units and with cleaning the office. Just super!

Tina Worthington, Community Manager
Varsity Townhouses, University of Delaware


CLEAN PLUS brings specialty services to your
home, office, or R&R vacation spot

Clean Plus offers Bed and Breakfast Cleaning
Clean Plus offers Cabin and Campgroung Resort Cleaning
Clean Plus offers Carpet and Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance
Clean Plus specializes in Hoarder and Extreme Cleanout

Clean Plus believes in giving back 
10% off home cleanings
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No Motto. No Slogan. JUST CLEAN.

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